I’ve guiltily been playing world of warcraft again. And not really enjoying it.

I dusted off my rogue and took her through some dailies in the Mists of Pandaria, but my heart isn’t really in the game anymore.

Why do I still play it? Because other games I’ve tried really haven’t grabbed my interest enough to snag me away from the familiar settings of WoW. That and the low cost of WoW is appealing to my meager budget, whereas buying a new game at the steep price of $50 isn’t something I can justify.

I’ve tried a few others anyway, Star Wars online, Skyrim, Borderlands 1 and 2, and nothing really holds my interest for any significant chunk of time.

I’m waiting for something rich in visual design with a plotline that I can really get into. Until then, I think I need to cancel my WoW account and let it go. And really, paying a monthly fee for WoW all added up could likely have bought me a few new games a year. 

Feel free to comment with any suggestions of games you have. I’m usually drawn to rpg’s and occasional fps.


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