I’ve guiltily been playing world of warcraft again. And not really enjoying it.

I dusted off my rogue and took her through some dailies in the Mists of Pandaria, but my heart isn’t really in the game anymore.

Why do I still play it? Because other games I’ve tried really haven’t grabbed my interest enough to snag me away from the familiar settings of WoW. That and the low cost of WoW is appealing to my meager budget, whereas buying a new game at the steep price of $50 isn’t something I can justify.

I’ve tried a few others anyway, Star Wars online, Skyrim, Borderlands 1 and 2, and nothing really holds my interest for any significant chunk of time.

I’m waiting for something rich in visual design with a plotline that I can really get into. Until then, I think I need to cancel my WoW account and let it go. And really, paying a monthly fee for WoW all added up could likely have bought me a few new games a year. 

Feel free to comment with any suggestions of games you have. I’m usually drawn to rpg’s and occasional fps.



Cataclysm has arrived.

Craydruid and I are in full raid mode. I’m playing my rogue of course, and she is EVIL! I love her. She’s stabbing for all she’s worth, and she gets to use her abilities that were forgotten in the Wrath of the Lich King. I get to crowd control mobs. I get to sap. THANK GOD I GET TO SAP! And, while I’m sapping I get to pick pocket. I’m stealthing, I’m stunning, I’m stealing. All is right in the world my friends. Yes indeed it is.

Our guild has a focus to be a top 5 raiding guild on our server. It’s a bit slow going at the moment, we’re trying to get some more members recruited, and people weren’t signing up for raids during the holidays (of course). It seems people are getting ready to be back in the swing though these days, and I feel very excited. We killed Omintron, and all his little Trons, those little jerks. I got myself a set of shoulders the Poison Protocol Shoulders to be specific.

We took a peek at Halfus. His dragons pwned us. We left and killed Argaloth. Take That Argaloth!

The Fall of the Lich King

We pressed onward through the frozen halls of the Icecrown Citadel. It felt as though we hadn’t been warm for years, and mutterings were heard wondering if we’d ever feel warm again. This small group, only 10 of us we were, were beginning to lose morale. It seemed as if the walls would freeze us and we would be trapped there like the thousands of skulls we walked across on our hunt for the Lich King. We killed every evil thing lurking in each hallway. The creeping Precious and Stinky and their hideous abomination owners died quickly under our horrified and heroic intent. We didn’t feel like heroes though as we tried to remove the stench of them and their disgusting Professor’s chemical mixtures. The Blood Queen and her council tried their magics and vile venomous bites, but were unable to withstand our might.

Sindragosa proved a tougher enemy. Her debilitating tail swipes and frost tombs had us scrambling in fear, but we overcame that too.

Finally, we reached the Lich King’s frozen throne. The Lord of death sat calmly waiting for us to approach, as if he had been watching us the entire length we had been in his citadel.

He slowly descended the stairs, yelling threats at Tirion, but we stood ready, in position waiting for him to face us. He stopped and froze Tirion. Gasping in fear and outrage, we pulled our courage around us like a protective cloak and unleashed all our powers. Warlocks hurled mighty shadow bolts, rogues slashed, attempting to pierce through the armor in his back to weaken him, mages cast spell after spell pinning him with frost bolts, fire bolts, arcane, anything they could throw at him. He ran in to the middle of the room, and called down freezing winters upon us. We laughed this off merrily, we had been freezing for months, what was one more storm? He tried to cast plagues, infestations, disgusting pools of defile to distract us from our murderous intent. We had paladins cleansing each infection off of us. He pulled down Valkyries from the skies to carry us off, but we were not willing to let anyone die, we stunned and killed those Valkyries before they could escape with our allies.

One moment we were fighting, and we had almost killed him, when the next moment we all died suddenly. We waited though as Tirion had broken free from his frost tomb, he was able to resurrect us, and we went back with a vengeance at killing the Lich King and stopping his evil work. We prevailed! Cheers rang out against the hollow throne as we stood around the corpse of the evil lord.

We have once again saved the world from a terrible fate. But recently the earth shakes, arguments are tearing apart alliances and the citizens feel uncertain. It is not good times my friends, something terrible is stirring under the earth. Change is certain.

The Icecrown

The cold…it permeates our bones. The ice is a slick layer on every stone throughout the Icecrown Citadel. We enter into the dark dank halls of the citadel, an immediate chill coats us with evil intent and we peer uneasily around us seeking the cause.

Shrugging off the cold, Craydruid shifts into his ferocious bear form and marks a target for us to focus on. This signals to us that our leader has no fear, and so we all attempt to move forward under his direction. No one makes eye contact, lest we show our true emotions and buckle.

Our first foe is a skeletal monstrosity. He has a sickly bone grin and a spider like posture. My blades ring hard against his sturdy bone structure and I begin a murderous killing spree, leaping at his weak points that the others rip open for me. Curses coat his body from Chasey, and the warlock struggles to keep a steady chant faced with such evil.  Shadovus begins to melt the skellies face and the bones begin to crack under the shadow pressure, Frozencast immediately sees this and casts a frost bolt to increase the pressure hoping for his face to explode.

The skeletal figure swipes with his sharp bony claws at Craydruid. Mantard and Rallus cast heal upon heal on his tough bear exterior ensuring everlasting life in this arduous battle. Pyrotess tired of seeing his leader being mauled Death grips the beast and drags the carcass towards himself, sacrificing his own life for the group. With tears of fury in our eyes for our fallen comrade, we all put forth a new energy into the fight. Rage fills our beings, and Banefoot hits Bloodlust. Our hands glow red with power, our speed increases and we murder the skeletal monster, ripping his bone grin off his face and crushing it under our feet.

The adrenaline passes and we stop and think of what may lie ahead. Rallus ressurects Pyrotess and we all work together to heal him and increase his ability with our strengths. It will be a difficult path to Arthas, but the fear has abated. We have defeated one of his minions together, and together we can pull through to defeat Arthas. We all look at each other, and move forward.

The Republic

I am back to my old tricks again. Back to my rogue, and into a guild created by some of the old people from Horde Secret Service. It’s coming along nicely, and there is quite the family feel to it already.

I got myself an AXE! I’m Killing people all over the place with it! It’s so GREAT!

And I’m looking forward to the changes that Cataclysm will bring. Expansions are like new games now.  WhHEEEEEE

My guild is perfect. Go get your own guild. You can’t have mine.

Split personailities? Identity Crisis?

With all the guild, faction, race, and class changes I’ve gone through in the past few months, I feel like I no longer have an identity. Or..I did, until I logged into my priest on Baelgun and saw some old guildies and the leader reforming. My heart jumped a small step, and I thought, I miss those folks, I’m going to say hey.

So I said hey. And they said hey back. And now I’m back in the fold and we (cray and I), are going to attempt a raid. This is my first time raid healing so I’m feeling nervous. And I’m discipline specc’d priest, so it’s a different ballgame from holy healing. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I just have that little butterfly in my belly freaking out.

I look forward to raiding again. Hopefully I don’t let too many people die.

A Return Home

I played Alliance for a bit. I felt lost, alone, in the cold. I just converted my 80 Night Elf Priest to a Blood Elf (of course), and am waiting for a server transfer to be completed. The moment I saw my priest gear coating a blood elf, and a sick evil red glow rose off the cloth, I knew it was where I belonged.

Look out Baelgun. We’re back. Again.